Amber Nelson Triple Diamond VIP Leader

Amber Nelson
“Define success on your own terms, achieve it by your own rules, and build a life you’re proud to live.” – Anne Sweeney

Hi! I’m Amber Nelson, Triple Diamond leader 💎💎💎 with It Works! That means out of 8 ranks in the company I promoted 6 times to a VIP leader!! I started Feb 2014 after I won a wrap from Facebook! I had results with my very first and just couldn’t believe it! I was so skeptical until I tried it… I managed GNC for 4 years selling weight loss products everyday and just never thought a cloth wrap could do wonders!!! Boy was I wrong!!! Haha

This company truly was a life saver. I was so ready to leave the corporate world. I was away from my oldest baby 50+ hours a week and hated not being the one to raise her! I worked so much but still could not afford life!!! I was so depressed and miserable to be around! I had went through so much as a child and had a difficult first marriage. We were so broke…on every assistance you can think of. I had to keep receipts for things we bought just in case I’d need money and have to take things back…. It was embarrassing and just awful but hey you do what you have to right?! My whole life I have done nothing but struggle financially, emotionally, and with weight loss.

 That’s when I heard a story about a lady that made tons of money from home and could be with her kids all the time just by sharing this crazy wrap thing?! Whaaaat?! I wanted that so bad! So on a leap of faith I paid the $99 we really did not have and joined! It was the best decision I ever made! In 2 years I have met so many amazing people, I have turned my negative life into an amazing one! I make more than I ever imagined and I am helping others do the same… It’s incredible! I love being home with my babies and making my OWN time. In April 2014 I earned a  $10,000 GOOD bonus and paid off so many bills we were behind in! And then 5 months later, in Sept. I went Double Diamond. And in March 2016 I made it to Triple Diamond and Matt went Diamond. We have earned a total $80,000 in bonuses so far! This has been life changing on so many levels. From food stamps, WIC, and help from everyone we know to planning a Disney World trip, paying off ALL our debt, and buying our first home!
This is an incredible thing God has done for my family and this financial freedom It Works is setting us up for is amazing! One day I will be leaving a legacy for my childrens children!!!! What 9-5 can actually do that?!?! 🙌🙌 Plus I lost over 50 lbs in 5 months and feel so much better, It Works is incredible! I mean what other company fed 11,000 children 5.4 million meals, gave 61 people $20k Too Good bonuses to pay off debt in 2015, rescued over 1000 children from sex trade, and continues to change peoples lives everyday by improving their health and financial situations! I love my company! WE ARE IT WORKS GLOBAL! 💚



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